The Digital Transformation .. The way it should be !


The Digital Transformation .. The way it should be !

Nov 3, 2021 7:00 PM
The Digital Transformation .. The way it should be !
Fulcrum Digital
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Digital transformation is about reimagining how you bring together people, data, and processes to create value for your customers and maintain a competitive advantage in a digital-first world. Digital technologies create new opportunities for businesses across the globe by changing the way that goods and services are produced, sold, and consumed. These technologies help your organization adapt in the face of competitive pressures and evolving customer needs. Doing so often involves reimagining the digital platform, culture, and overall approach to transformation with a focus on customer engagement, business processes, and data and intelligence. Microsoft enables impactful digital transformation across four pillars: Empower Employees, Engage Customers, Optimize Operations (Accelerate the responsiveness of your business, improve service levels, and reduce costs with intelligent processes.) and Transform Products (Find and capture the best new opportunities by using data as a strategic asset and shifting from hindsight to foresight.).

png Digital Tranformation Mind Map

This is the very paradigm shift that is driving so much digital innovation. if we think about this notion of the edge, it is actually about people experiencing life through technology. Whether it is mobile devices, sensors, sensor fabrics. This notion of ubiquitous data and ubiquitous compute surrounds us. And it is creating the intelligent experience. It is harnessing those experiences that matters most for trying to transform businesses as well. Whether it be experiences that you deliver internally to empower your employees, ways in which you change how you engage with your customers, how you optimize your operations, and how you even think about transforming your products. It is this notion of harnessing everything at the edge to the cloud and using that as the backbone for business innovation. Technology at the edge is a part of how we think about the future of compute. This concept is alive and well in how Microsoft develops its solution areas. We are very intentional about the areas where we innovate product. It actually lines up very well with how we experience technology throughout our lives and how we develop as humans. I would bet the first time you ever touched technology was as a child. xIt probably was when somebody said: “let us play a game”. And whether that has stuck with you throughout your life, or you are experiencing it through your kids, gaming is such an important part of our development and innovation at Microsoft.

png Intelligent Cloud

We are super committed to it as a solution area. It also teaches us how we develop our cloud platform. The world of high performance gaming and the lack of tolerance for any type of millisecond bleep in that experience teaches us how to serve Fortune One Walmart in operating their stores around the world using Azure. These are intrinsically linked solution areas. The same concept of developing gaming for the enrichment of the human experience carries us into what we call modern life. We want to deliver Microsoft experiences across heterogeneous platforms. and across different device form factors. So, it is embracing these open standards and embracing the human experience to truly bring digital and rich life to modernity. The same concept turns into how we think about work. We believe people want to take the technologies that they love to use in their home and into their lives and bring them to work to make them more productive. Modern workplace has long been the cornerstone for Microsoft in the productivity realm, and voice, and video and in how we think about delivering secure experiences to the workforce. We have invested deeply in these technologies. That is, in fact, how we think about our business application strategy. It is one of the fastest-growing sectors that we have. And it is not about going out and replacing the world’s CRM or ERP systems. It is about bringing AI-driven business processes to your work to actually help you achieve more. The open framework is a testament to that. Our partnerships with ISVs around the world drive our applications and infrastructure business in a way that brings together a common data estate for our customers. Data is at the core of everything we do. It should be, in fact, at the core of everything you do as well. When you think about artificial intelligence, it is often in terms of cutesy virtual agents and graphical experiences That gets all of the time and attention. But if you do not first invest in your data estate, all you will do with your fancy AI technology is make mistakes with greater confidence than ever before. It is these solution areas and this paradigm shift of the Intelligent Edge and the Intelligent Cloud that brings forward this notion of empowered experiences and digital transformation for businesses. This is what we do at Microsoft. We innovate so that you can take our R&D and make it an extension of yours, to enable you to use true digital transformation scenarios in the businesses that you run today. When we think about our commercial space, we think about the solution areas that matter most to businesses across modern workplace, across our business applications, core apps, infrastructure, data, and AI. It is our job to marry up this portfolio of intellectual property to the things that matter most to you.

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